Vastu for Showrooms / Retail – After the onset of e-commerce and online shopping, brick and mortar stores are facing a real challenge. In these trying times Vastu can be of great help & support. To know more below are the vastu tips for showrooms & retail stores.

Vastu for showroom

Directions for Showrooms

  1. West, West of Northwest, North of Northwest are the best direction for any retail activity. This doesn’t imply that North or east facing stores will not do well as other factors also have to be factored in.
  2. The vital zone for a retail outlet is the North West. This is a zone where the air element is dominating. Things keep on moving when placed in this zone. This zone has the potential to drive maximize sales. Display section should be made here. Announcement of sales & new schemes should be done in this zone.
  3. New arrivals can be placed on the west wall of the north west zone. Use the colour red in moderation to activate this zone.
  4. South west  direction is best suited for making a storeroom or godown.
  5. Heavy furniture should be placed in the South West zone. Placing them in the North East leads to clogging of energy.
  6. The North East quadrant is an ideal zone for making a sacred space. Water fountain this zone could enhance sales.
  7. The Centre (Brahmasthan) of the shop should be free of any kind of encumbrance.
  8. The South East zone is an ideal zone for keeping beauty products, cosmetics, hairpins etc.
  9. East zone is very a powerful direction for the sales of books.
  10. The cash counter should ideally open towards the North.
  11. Server room should be in the South East zone.
  12. The main door should not creak.
  13. Avoid granite floor in the showroom.

Above are the generic macro suggestions for any under construction hospital building, for complete results ,micro Vaastu parameters also have to be implemented which are plot specific and can only be suggested after a thorough investigation and assessment of the plot and the architectural plans.

Vaastu for showroom entrance

Vastu for showroom entrance

Vastu suggests that the entrance of the shop must be kept clean and wide. It should also be open from any obstacles like poles, trees etc. Any stagnancy of water can block the flow of positive energy.

Slope towards the entrance is considered inauspicious.

If there is a single main entrance door, it should be kept on the East or North direction and South direction should be avoided.

North or Northeast are favourable for financial gains.

A toilet next to the main entrance should be avoided as it could result in incurring debts.