There is a major slowdown in the global economy which is pulling India down too. Unfortunately, India also has serious structural flaws that needs to be corrected. Unless Corrected, it will put a spanner in the works of India trying to be a $5 trillion economy.

Our Present-day government will surely take corrective measures to ensure that the dream of making India a $5 trillion economy is fulfilled.

From a Vaastu perspective, there are certain remedial measures & Vaastu enhancement features which can be incorporated to make the journey smoother. Watch the above video & start implementing these easy to do remedies for better outcomes.

For any country’s GDP to remain at the top on consistent basis the manufacturing industry plays a pivotal role .That is why our honourable prime minister is giving so many incentives to the “Make in India initiative”.

Vaastu shastra can be a great support if implemented correctly as it can ensure the smooth running of the industry and also save quite a few industries from going belly up or turning sick.

Below are the vaastu tips for industries –

  • Slope of the floor in the factory will be towards the north or the east.
  • U.g. water tank to be constructed in the north east.
  • Overhead water tank to be made in the south west.
  • Toilet block to be constructed in the west zone of the factory building.
  • Staircase to be constructed clockwise in the south or west zones.
  • Admin & HR division to be positioned in the eastern zone.
  • Accounts department will be in the north of the north east quadrant.
  • Master chamber will be in the south west quadrant.
  • Heavy machinery will be place on the south & west walls.
  • Sacred corner to be made in the north east quadrant.

Above are the generic macro suggestions for Industries. For complete results, micro vaastu parameters also have to be implemented which are plot specific and can only be suggested after a thorough investigation and assessment of the plot and the architectural plans.


Every industry’s industrial shed is unique in its products and processes. Though all the production cycle processes are equally important, some processes are more important than others in various industries.

For example, for luxury accessory industry design and style are more important than any other processes. And for a food processing industry quality and taste of the product are a priority than packaging.

Similarly, for steel and iron manufacturing industry heating and melting iron is the most important activity. So the favourable place for industrial shed would be the South East corner. And for the machinery the favourable directions would be the West and South.

Because of this designing industrial shed as per vastu plays an important role as per the requirements of various industries.


Machinery is an important component for industries. If not placed correctly it can cause mishaps like improper functioning, sudden accidents and increase in regular maintenance etc. Therefore it is important to place the machinery in favourable directions. The following points should be considered –

  • Heavier machines should be placed in South, West or South-West directions.
  • Lighter machines should be placed in North-West or South-East directions.
  • North-East corner should be kept completely vacant and tidy. Any placing of the machinery should be avoided in this direction.
  • Placing the machinery in the centre of the shed should be avoided.
  • The machinery should be placed in such a manner that the flow of the manufacturing process is clockwise.