Hospitality as a business is a major contributor to the GDP of the country & Hotels are an integral part of the tourism ecosystem.

Investors & new age entrepreneurs are investing a lot of money in this industry, As we all know that to succeed in hospitality industry two vital parameters can’t be compromised : Quality of services provided and the food offered to the guests. To constantly maintain the standards is a herculean task  and this is where Vastu for hotels comes in providing additional support to this difficult & challenging industry.

As we all know that vaastu is about infusing positive energy & vibrancy to the space. Incorporating vaastu fundamentals in the construction of the hotel building gives that extra boost to the hotel owners business.  Undoubtedly, the hotel business is on the rocks but constructing and maintaining a hotel in the long term is not an easy task. This business is full of risks and uncertainties; then there are high chances of failing. Then, what about the huge investment involved? How will you recover the loss?

Well, these are some of the questions that haunt a person’s mind and make him doubt on the decision. But, instead of dropping the plan, there is always an alternative. Confused? What is the alternative? The best alternative to cover the risk and start a hotel is to get it constructed using the rules of Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture which guides on every step regarding the location, placement, number, space and colour of the place that attracts positivity and success.

Vaastu tips for Under construction Hotels

  • Shape of the plot – As far as possible opt for a rectangular or a square shaped plot. If that is not possible due to unavailability of land or because of any other technical reasons in such a scenario very effective non-destructive remedy can be applied on the plot to cut the excess area and make the plot symmetrical resulting in positive energy.
  • Direction of the plot – South ,East & North are considered to be very auspicious for any hotel building especially the south direction because of a very special vibration that it produces.
  • Underground water tank – North of east or East of north is an ideal place to construct an underground water tank & bore-well without intersecting the energy diagonal emanating from the North east corner at 45 degrees.
  • Kitchen – The ideal location for the kitchen is in the south east with the stove and fire appliances placed in the east of south east quadrant.
  • Staircase – The staircase will be either in the west or south quadrant & will also be constructed clockwise.
  • Swimming pool – Water has magical properties and it can enhance the positivity in any plot provided it is situated in the right direction. The best place for a swimming pool would be in the north east or the north quadrant of the building.
  • Sub-station – To balance the fire element in the plot from a vaastu perspective it is very imperative that a substation or a transformer is made in the south east quadrant if that is not possible then North west is also an alternative for its placement.

Above are the generic macro suggestions for any under construction hotel property for complete results micro vaastu parameters also have to be implemented which are plot specific and can only be suggested after a thorough investigation and assessment of the plot and the architectural plans.

hotel vastu

Vastu Designs for Hotel

These are the some changes that one will see after implementing the vastu designs for hotel.

  • The manual errors will decrease.
  • Increase in guest satisfaction.
  • Guest satisfaction will lead to positive reviews about the hotel and in turn increase the occupancy rate.
  • The improvement in online reviews and ranking the bookings will also drive higher and eventually earn more revenue.
  • This will also help in increasinging the performance & morale of the employees.
  • The reputation of the hotel will also increase.
vastu for hotel desk

Vastu for Hotel Desk

The reception desk should always face the entrance or the main road to the building. If the main entrance of the hotel is on the East side, then the reception desk should face on the East side. Guests should never have to go around the building to enter the hotel.

Area with the lower ceiling or under a beam is not a preferable spot for a reception desk. This may affect the work of the person sitting in the area as this arrangement causes a negative impact.


Relaxation is most important for business travellers that return to the room after their long meetings.

As discussed earlier a satisfied guest always gives a positive review of the hotel. So we should make sure about the following points –

  • Room placement and location.
  • The artwork and the decoration in each room.
  • Gym and Meditation area.
  • And also not just the areas that are accessible to guests, but also other office areas like for HRs, accounts, legal department etc.