Commercial Vaastu

Vastu For Hotel Restaurant

For hotel restaurant vastu, we will help with the directions of the plot, placements of the hotel desk, kitchen, rooms and other areas of the hotel.

Vastu For Showrooms

For showroom vastu shastra, we will help with the directions for cash counter, storeroom or godown, entrance, placements of your products for sale and many more.

Vastu Shastra For Hospitals

In vastu for hospitals, we will guide you with the favorable directions for operation theatres, the direction of the patient’s head during the time of operation and many more.

Vastu For Office

In vastu for corporate offices or offices, we will guide you with the favorable directions for your desks, the colours for the office, the cabin directions for C-level executives and many more.

Vastu For Industry

In Industrial vastu, we can help you with the optimal directions to construct your industrial shed according to the type of industry, the placements of the heavy machinery and many more.

In vastu for rented spaces we can guide you with directions of the head while sleeping, the shape of the house and its structures and many more.