Rasesh Shah, a Vaastu Shastra expert from Mumbai founded Ishan Vaastu LLP with the intention of bringing happiness in people’s lives through vaastu shastra. His vastu services and vastu solutions clientele is not only limited to India, but also in the international markets like USA, UK, East Africa, West Africa, Dubai & Singapore. What sets us apart from other vastu consultants is our unique Non – destructive rectification approach to already built structures i.e. providing vastu shastra remedies without demolition to any of your built structures. Our services include vastu for hotels, vastu for showrooms, vastu for hospitals, vastu for corporate offices, vastu for industries, vastu for rented spaces, large townships, theatres, education institutions and many more.

Vastu Consultation Services

Vastu On Site Consultation

We offer our vastu site consultation to all our clients, nationally and internationally. In this type of consultation, an expert from our side visits the client’s place to examine their property.

The following steps are involved in this procedure –

  • Checking the direction of the plot.
  • If the property is new or about to get constructed, soil testing will be provided. Surveying typography of the plot.
  • Evaluating the property’s exteriors and interiors for any Vastu defects.
  • Giving a report of all the evaluations done of every area in terms of directions, placement and locations.
  • Giving proper locations for kitchen, bedroom, living room, locker room, electronic items, balcony, doors, bathroom etc.

Vastu Off Site Consultation

Our offerings also include vastu off site consultation for our national as well as international clients. This type of consultation only differs in being not visiting to the client’s place personally. Vastu off site consultation is advantageous to the people living in far off areas, as the rest of the process remains the same. We thoroughly examine the plot with all the aspects of the Vastu like directions, location etc.

  • Surveying plot or existing property through arrangement sent by customer.
  • Analyzing the plot and directions.
  • Providing suitable tips regarding the plot.
  • Clients are free to visit the office anytime, if not comfortable by communication through phone or internet.
  • Detailed reports are sent to all the clients with all the markings of directions and/or tips about the plot and every section of the plot by email or courier.
Vastu for commercial

In commercial vastu, we help you with vastu for commercial structures like hotels, hospitals, showrooms, corporate offices, industries and many more.

Vastu for Residential

In residential vastu, we help you with vastu for residential structures like bedroom, kitchen, home-office, dining table and many more.

Vaastu Inspection

We identify the strengths and weaknesses of the place by assessing the vibrations of the place and taking the occupants’ birth planetary chart into the orientation.

Vaastu Audit

A complete set of Vaastu corrections will be incorporated that complement the birth planetary chart of the owners in to consideration after thorough assessment and preparation of schematic layout of the place.

The corrections are of two types – Actual and Non – destructive, depending on the site need and condition.

For example – A Non – destructive type remedies will be implemented on an already build structure to make it Vaastu compliant.