Why is Vaastu Shastra so popular today?

Any science which gives results on a regular basis.whether it is Vaastu Shastra, yoga or ayurveda, slowly but surely becomes a part of your life. One of the primary reason for vaastu shashtra’s popularity is that people are now aware that it is result-oriented, non-destructive remedial science.

Why is Vaastu Shastra done in conjunction with astrology?

Vaastu Shastra is incomplete without astrology. In fact, vaastu should not be done without considering the owners birth, date and time, planetary position and the date on which one signs the agreements to buy the property according to the thumb rule of vaastu, north and east are considered to be auspicious directions and south and west are considered inauspicious and negative directions. This means that people who have their house and office facing north and east should always prosper and lead a peaceful life and people who have their house and office facing south and west should always suffer and face failure in life. However, in reality, this does not happen. This is where astrology comes in. It is your planets which decide your lucky and unlucky directions (fortune and misfortune) and not the thumb rules of vaastu.

Is vaastu applicable to non-Hindus?

Vaastu is 100% secular because it is a science it is applicable to everyone, irrespective of the caste, creed, country or continent like yoga gives results to anyone & everyone who practices it, so does vaastu shastra.

Can a vaastu violation be corrected by performing a pooja?

Correcting a vaastu violation by performing a pooja, is like calling an electrician for the water leakage that is happening in the bathroom, any kind of violation can be corrected by a right vaastu remedial action.

Is Vaastu Shastra applicable to rented properties also?

The rules of Vaastu Shastra are equally applicable to all structures in nature, be it owned or rented. For e.g. if you are travelling in a car and it develops a technical snag, you would be in trouble irrespective of the fact whether it’s your own car or you had rented it. Similarly, if you are living in a rented house which is not vaastu- compliant, you would have to suffer.

People are always scared of seeking the advice of vaastu consultant because they fear that they would have to make a lot of structural changes like breaking walls, etc.

This is a wrong notion. Vaastu Shastra has got nothing to do with the breaking of walls or making structural changes, any fault in the premises has a non- destructive cure.

How is Vaastu different for Northern & Southern Hemisphere ?

Vaastu is a science which is purely based in energy interaction . Energy implications are different below & above the equator . For eg- In countries like Newzeland,Australia,Brazil, Mozambique & many more which lie below the equator that is in the Southern Hemisphere the Vaastu laws will reverse bcz of the changes in the energy implications.